We have been helping FRS CR officers and employees more than 27 years


What we have achieved, and have been doing for our union members:

  • classifying the front line emergency responding into 1st Risk group
  • in 2015 we achieved return of salaries to the level before the ruthless reducing of salaries in 2011
  • rehabilitation stays in health resorts, severance payment, “life annuity after leaving fire service“, death benefit and other compensations
  • we have achieved gradual restoration of forming the Cultural and Social Needs Fund (FKSP) up to two percent
  • we provide our members with the best liability and accident insurance
  • union members have the opportunity to participate in the Mutual Support Fund
  • union members have already received financial assistance of more than 120 million CZK from both insurance products
  • we have expanded social assistance from the Mutual Support Fund and have disbursed
  • 14 million CZK up to now
  • we provide free advice to union members through Infoline 840 888 230
  • express free legal advice “24 hours" non-stop
  • free legal advice within the ČMKOS (Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions)
  • free lawyer in court for each member within the legal matter in direct connection with labour-law or service related
  • we co-founded the Policemen and Firefighters Foundation in 2003
  • we negotiate with the government about salaries in the non-business sphere within the scope of CMKOS
  • we independently hold talks with the legislators of both chambers of Parliament
  • we strive for inclusion of cancer in firefighters into the list of occupational diseases
  • we take part in all activities against taxing firefighters´ severance payment
  • we actively participate in the approval process of legislation on fire protection and terms of service
  • we negotiate collective agreements and FKSP in regions
  • we financially support sports events organized by our basic organisations
  • money saving contracts with T-Mobile are provided for our members

We are not fighting just to win but primarily not to give up.